We have produced a poster that can be taken to appropriate places and posted on notice boards. If you are visiting a helth profesional, a community centre, a neurology department etc.then why print off the poster and ask if you can put it on the notice board.

There are two sizes - A4, which most people will be able to print and A3 for anyone with a large format printer.

Click on the link and choose "Save." You will then be able to print the document. You could also click and chose "Open," then print from the document when it opens on screen.

A4 poster for Stiff Person Syndrome support group and web site

Large A3 poster for Stiff Person Syndrome support group and web site

SPS Black and Sparkle Ribbon designs

  • The new design for the Stiff Person Syndrome Ribbon has been released and can be found by clicking on the image below:
  • File:SPS Ribbon 2000 px hight.png
  • The image can be downloaded or linked on a web page. Changes can be made, e.g. Logos etc. can be used to create a new image to promote your own SPS fundraising.

    To download: click on the ribbon - right click on the ribbon - Save image as...

    The designer has donated the image and design to the world-wide SPS community and has put it in the public domain. The designer has requested that the work does not need to be attributed to them.

    The Ribbon can be used in any legitimate SPS campaign to raise awareness or raise funds for registered charities. The original should be large enough to print on T-shirts and the like. Text can be easily added to customise the design. We would ask that no non-charitable funds are made from anythying incorporating this design.

    This is an infinate ribbon strip with the SPS black and silver sparkle design.

    SPS strip

    To download: right click on the ribbon - Save image as... it will download as a high resolution file that can be shrunk to size.

    If you have a problem converting the size, or any other problems that you would like help with, then please contact:

    Site Admin




Stiff Person Syndrome.

This site is solely for the support of those suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). Family and friends of sufferers are also welcome to the same support. The site may be of interest to caregivers, care professionals and researchers, together with advocates for the condition and the general public.


We always welome donations, no matter how large or small. You can donate on-line or via a donations form.

To donate by secure credit card transaction, please use the button below. The full value of your donation (less credit card fees) comes to the charity.

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The group and charity was set up by Liz Blows with the following aims:

(1) The relief of sickness and the protection and preservation of the health of persons affected by Stiff Person Syndrome, together with their families and carers.

(2) On-going education and awareness-raising within the medical profession and the general public of Stiff Person Syndrome.

(3) The promotion of research into the causes, effects, treatment and management of Stiff Person Syndrome.

"Stiff Man Syndrome" (SMS) was the name assigned to the condition when first identified in the 1950s by Moersch and Woltman in the USA. In recent years, in the modern world of PC, the condition has become more widely known as "Stiff Person Syndrome" (SPS). SPS does not differentiate between sex, colour, or creed, although UK evidence tends to suggest women are most at risk.

SPS is an auto-immune neurological condition. It is unique due to its lack of significant similarity to any other neurological diseases. Although rare, once observed it is quite unforgettable. However, many neurologists and GPs are still unaware of the condition. In most cases, the first symptoms are insidious and victims are often initially misdiagnosed with anxiety or depression.